Our burl wood products are hand carved from reclaimed stumps and burls of the fir tree left behind from logging operations. The result is accelerated reforestation as well as the beautiful organic and infinitely unique home decor and housewares you see here. Each piece comes hand engraved with "Alaska" but requests for custom engraving are also welcome.


EarthView, Inc. is a family-owned business that specializes in carved ironwood - one of the most beautiful hardwoods in the world. 

Wood suitable for carving must be exposed to the extremes of the climatic conditions that exist only in the desert. Years of exposure in this hot, dry environment cause the natural resins to collect, condense and cure, thus transforming the wood into very dense and heavy Ironwood. 

Because harvesting of living Ironwood trees is prohibited, artisans must search extensively for naturally fallen trees. Once gathered, each piece requires long hours of carving, hand sanding and polishing to capture the distinctive grain.


Intarsia Wood Art is an exquisite and timeless craft of carved wood mosaic featuring the natural grain and color of various woods. Craftsmen painstakingly cut, carve and shape exotic woods into artwork or furniture.  When the carvings are complete the designs are hand painted and finished to capture the vibrant colors of the  scene.  The result is an artistic transformation from the ordinary to a completely unique reminder of your trip to the Alaskan wilderness.