DSC_4810 large knife white bone handle_1500px.jpg
DSC_4810 large knife white bone handle_1500px.jpg



This is the large skinning knife with a found antler handle and handsome brass rivets securing the recycled steel blade.  The sweeping curve of the blade ensures clean separation of meat from hide while a good section of the blade is straight for cutting meat. Dancing Man knife blades resemble the ancient slate-side style preferred by the ancient people of Alaska.

Dancing Man knives and ulus have a unique story to tell! 

It begins with the design of each blade, shape and style. Each piece has been carefully crafted with the traditional construction of the indigenous Alaskan people as advised by Native Alaskan women.

Even more impressive, the blades are recycled steel cut from carpenters' handsaws, two-man crosscut saws, or bandsaw blades - most of them turn-of-the-century antiques used in the settling of the Last Frontier. Craftsmen prize this steel for its lightness, flexibility and ability to maintain a razor sharp edge. 

Maynard Linder (the Dancing Man) lives in Homer, Alaska and has been crafting authentic handmade ulus and knives since 1990.  Dancing Man knives and ulus are a one-of-a-kind Alaskan souvenir, linking the traditions of centuries with the people of today.

Leather sheaths and sharpeners can be bought separately on our website.


Blade length: 6 inches

Knife length: 10.5 inches

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Your knife can be sharpened with a diamond steel or a medium fine Arkansas stone.  Originally Native Alaskans used flat beach rocks.  Clean and dry your blade after every use or it may rust.  A light coating of olive or vegetable oil will ward off rust.  Incidental rust can be removed with steel wool.