It all started over 30 years ago now right along this stretch of Alaska's very first road - the Valdez to Eagle trail now known as the Richardson Highway - beneath the Alyeska pipeline bridge (pictured above).  The first Alaska Furs & Gifts retail store (so long as we are being very generous) was a plywood shack filled with real Alaskan treasures like warm fur hats & pelts, diamond willow walking sticks and raw honey as well as travelers essentials like chocolate chip cookies! Tour buses and R.V. campers would pause to let passengers stretch their legs and admire the breathtaking scenery and many left with at least one purchase or second hand tall tale. (We were all Cheechakos then!)

Today, Alaska Furs & Gifts operates three retail gift stores in Denali National Park and offers its select products through our online store as well as eBay and Amazon stores.  Since those early days by the Tanana River, we have searched this Great State to bring you a varied and unique collection of gifts and souvenirs to help you commemorate the trip of a lifetime or just enjoy some seriously awesome products.

Today our business is still owned and operated by those now longtime Alaskans with second and even third generations lending a hand during our busy summer season.  We have expertise in wood, jewelry, and fur products as well as some great first hand Alaskan tales.